The All Places List: Health and Wellness

-- by The All Places Team

We are a woman-owned law firm with an all-female workforce that works primarily with women who are building companies and women who are investing in companies. That means we have eyes on a lot of incredible brands that are building critical and long-overdue products for women, including in the arena of health and wellness. Yes, we are very lucky. 

Each year we put out a Holiday Gift Guide of woman-owned businesses to give you all a jump-start on your end-of-year shopping. This year we thought we’d do something similar for health and wellness brands. As you gear up for summer and (mistakenly or not) start to anticipate life slowing down a bit, perhaps you’re thinking about giving more attention to your own well-being. In that spirit, we thought we’d share some of our current faves with you. For those of you who are joining us for The Technology and Founders Reshaping Women’s Health at #NY Tech Week next month, you'll notice some familiar names. 

Erica’s Recommendations  

Everlywell. I'm a huge fan of functional medicine (as you’ll see from my other recommendations) and Everlywell’s at-home food sensitivity test is a game changer for anyone looking to gain insight into their diet and gut health, without breaking the bank. Founder: Julia Cheek. 

femly. Menstrual products don’t get enough love or attention considering 1.8 billion people menstruate each month. femly's clean period care products are not only a healthier alternative to most in-store options but they’re also black owned *swoon*. Founder: Arion Long. 

Parsley Health. A one-stop membership based medical practice focused on treating underlying conditions. There’s no greater luxury than having a health coach guide you through a specialized health plan curated based on your medical needs and health goals. Treat yourself. Founder: Robin Berzin. 

Jessie’s Recommendations 

Rosy. The first time I met Dr. Lyndsey Harper, I knew I would love whatever she built. Then I tried Rosy and my suspicion was confirmed. This app contains data-driven approaches to improving women’s sexual health. And now they are bringing their approach to additional women’s health modalities, starting with PCOS and menopause. Founder: Dr. Lyndsey Harper. Note: Dr. Harper will be speaking at #NY Tech Week. 

Aunt Flow. It still amazes me how often I walk into a bathroom and see a machine I have to put quarters into to get pads or tampons. Or, even worse(?), no products at all. Aunt Flow is trying to put an end to that by providing a service to corporations and schools that want to provide free, sustainable, high-quality period care to their workers and students. Founder: Claire Coder. 

Dame. By now, just about everyone has heard about Dame. If you lived in NYC, you definitely did. Dame had to fight the City of New York, who tried to prevent them from advertising vibrators (filthy!). They fought the law and they won. In case you don’t know, Dame makes beautiful and effective vibrators for women. Founders: Alexandra Fine and Jane Lieberman. 

Evvy. You've all heard about (and probably too much about) the importance of the gut microbiome. But you know what other magical body part has a microbiome? Yep, the vagina. Evvy has created an at-home testing kit that yields detailed results and then couples those results with clinical support. Founder: Priyanka Jain. Note: Both Priyanka Jain and Erika Seth Davies, CEO of Rhia Ventures, which invested in Evvy through its venture fund, RH Capital will be speaking at #NY Tech Week. 

Molly’s Recommendations 

hey freya. I've been hearing a lot lately about cortisol and the impact it can have on our bodies, but the information out there feels overwhelming, unvetted, and often conflicting. hey freya offers an accurate, in-home stress test to measure your cortisol levels. Based on your results, you’ll get a set of tailored recommendations to balance your hormones and understand how to maintain those levels. Founders: Helkin Berg, Cecilia Tse, Kate Drew. 

Ritual. Finding a clean multi-vitamin for women was a lot harder than I expected. Ritual’s vitamins and supplements are third-party tested for microbes and heavy metals, non-GMO, vegan, have no colorants, and all of their ingredients are traceable—so you'll know where each nutrient comes from and why you need it. Founder: Katerina Schneider. 

Gabbi. Kaitlin Christine founded this breast cancer assessment and early detection platform after losing her mother to the disease and then being diagnosed herself and undergoing a preventative double mastectomy. Gabbi’s mission is to eliminate late-stage breast cancer by providing quick, accessible tools for early detection, coupled with compassionate on-going care. Founder: Kaitlin Christine. 

For those of you who will be in New York the week of June 4th and have not yet RSVP’d for The Technology and Founders Reshaping Women’s Health, we recommend you do so ASAP. We are already very close to capacity. 

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