All Places 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Each year, just in time for Black Friday, we pull together a collection of our must-have products from some of our favorite women-owned and led brands. These are the things we can’t wait (or haven’t waited) to buy for our friends, our families, and ourselves. Added bonus: limited time discount codes for the All Places community. Go forth and exercise that purchasing power in a mission-driven way! 

Brands with an asterisk * have shared a discount code that can be found in the index. 

Beauty and Self Care

Elims: We love these magic melt-away whitening masks for a pearly white smile just in time for holiday pictures. Their specially formulated masks also don’t leave you with days of tooth sensitivity, so you can enjoy your eggnog and wine, in peace. * 

Helix Hair Labs: The Silk SlipTie  is the perfect stocking stuffer. It's a 100% silk hair accessory that you can use as a headband or scrunchie by customizing the adjustable fit. It's also great to tie around your wrist or handbag. * 

Nette Thé Vanille Eua de Parfume: You already know we’re obsessed with their candles, but now Carol Hahn and team have put out a line of sumptuous, non-toxic fragrances in that signature Nette style. This is the modern take on buying someone you love a bottle of perfume. 

Rosy: Self-care personified, Rosy is a first-of-its-kind app with personalized solutions for sexual wellness. Rosy is so great, it’s an All Places health/wellness perk! * 

Veracity: Veracity’s packaging is reason enough to purchase but their best sellers trio is reason number two. * 

Volition Beauty: For fellow beauty lovers, the Refresh & Reset bundle and Getaway Glow are must-haves for the perfect holiday glow. * 

For the Foody

JEM Organics Cashew Cardamom Sprouted Almond Butter: Is it an addiction if you can't go a day without eating it? Then we guess you can consider us addicted to this nut butter. Apples, yogurt, muesli, or straight up on a spoon. 

Lady Falcon Coffee Club: Who doesn’t love coffee? The Original Lady Falcon Classics has been a yearly All Places Holiday Gift Guide favorite. 

Maker Milk: This Powdered Oat Milk  is a game changer. Maker's somehow been able to capture all the flavor of a traditional oat milk in a form that’s better for you and the planet .* 

Narra: America may run on Dunkin' but All Places runs on Narra. Their delicious oat milk lattes come in tasty flavors like strawberry matcha (Erica's fav) and oh so much more. We recommend the Oodaalolly x Narra Holiday Gift Set , you won't regret it. *

Omsom: So good you have to Try ‘Em All. These easy to make noodles are packed with flavor (without artificial flavoring or preservatives, yay!) and a pantry staple. If you’re not ready for a full mukbang, we recommend the Saucy Noodle Sampler. *

Physik: Launching in December, Physik’s natural and holistic online pantry is already on our wish list. Be sure to keep an eye out for their Biodynamic Pumpkin Seed Oil available for purchase this December. 

west~bourne: If you’re using anything other than their Avocado Oil Set, you’re missing out. * 

All the Fashion 

44/Twenty: The sport of the season, year and decade is undoubtedly pickleball and 44/Twenty’s cool aesthetic *almost* make you forget it’s a workout. If you’re not in Southern California for a match, we still highly suggest one of their trucker hats (tis’ the season). * 

Argent: When Sali Christen, the founder of Argent, handpicks a suit for you, you know it's going to be good. Jessie picked up this number at the end of our joint event last month, wore it later that night, and got about a trillion compliments. Why limit yourselves to blue and grey and black when you can be so f'ing fabulous in other colors? 

Barton Perreira: Jessie bought her first pair of Barton Perreira glasses right before moving to LA and was immediately a devotee. These feelings were only reinforced when she happened to roll into an LA party in her BPs and ran into none other than co-founder, Patty Perreira. Their sunglasses are hands down the chicest thing we've ever seen, and the new rimless collection... An automatic ego boost, and who doesn't need that?! 

What we’re looking forward to this holiday season  

Erica: Spending time with family and sending my first holiday card!  

Molly: Trying out some new recipes, reading a great book, wrapping presents (I actually love this!) and of course, decorating the tree. 

Jessie: This holiday season has so many firsts in it for me. First holiday season for my husband and me in LA and in a house! First holiday season since I was 17 living near my family. First holiday season getting to be one of these people who only has to drive an hour to someone’s house to celebrate, and then gets to drive home at the end of the day (all you who regularly fly during the holidays, you know what I’m talking about). Also, I just love the holidays. I’m that person. Sorry. 

Limited Time Discount Codes  
44/Twenty: HOLIDAY35 
Argent: ALLPLACES15 
Helix Hair Labs: PLACES15 
Maker Milk: ALLMAKERS 
Veracity: ALLPLACES20 
Volition Beauty: ALLPLACES 
west~bourne: ALLPLACES15 

 -- The All Places Team

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