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Jessie is a force to be reckoned with: she is thoughtful, professional, and at the top of her game. She has been instrumental in our SoGal Ventures Fund II launch and on-going operations & deal-making. We highly recommend working with Jessie and her team!

— Pocket Sun + Elizabeth Galbut, Managing Partners, SoGal Ventures

We have worked with many law firms over the years. It’s always felt like hard work. When we were introduced to All Places, that changed. There have been no surprises, no about-turns with rates or deliverables. There have been clear timelines and communication from day one. And it’s even felt good.

— Claire Haidar, Founder/CEO, WNDYR

All Places has been instrumental in helping L2 Point launch. Jessie is not only a brilliant lawyer, but she understands the unique needs of founder-led organizations. The support, attention, and resources that All Places provides its clients are unlike anything I’ve experienced with major law firms.

— Kerstin Dittmar, Managing Partner, L2 Point

We are inspired by the community of diverse investors and entrepreneurs that All Places has brought together. Jessie understands both the market standard for transaction documentation and the unique considerations that are relevant for diverse talent.

— Chrissie Pariso, Managing Director, MPowered Capital

It has been amazing having Jessie in our corner -- she brings a deep level of strategic thinking, ownership and expertise to her advisory. Beyond that, Jessie shows a great deal of care and as an early stage founder, I've really appreciated that through the ups and downs.

— Vanessa Pham, Founder/CEO, Omsom

It gives me incredible comfort that All Places, and Jessie in particular, are treating me as a whole person. I not only get kick-ass competent legal advice, but I also have someone in my corner I can rely on to give me legal and non-legal wisdom to ensure my company is treated fairly and equitably.

— Jessica Menon, Founder/CEO, Equilo

The All Places team are True Professionals: provided wise counsel, deeply thoughtful on the implications of the legal framework & met our aggressive timelines. We would love to work together again - 100%.

— Alina Soltys, Managing Partner, ASTRA Game Ventures

Jessie and her team were instrumental during our first fundraising round. They helped guide us through terms and valuations, helped keep us organized, and cheered us on through the entire journey. The guidance, support, and opportunity we’ve received from this team is unparalleled.

— Samantha Anderl + Andrea Wildt, Founders, Harlow

All Places is a place where female entrepreneurs feel totally protected. Jessie is a true visionary who looks towards the long term success of the brand instead of just at today. All Places takes a thoughtful approach to what you’re building while cheerleading for you every step of the way.

— Catherine McCord, Co-Founder/CEO, One Potato

Working with All Places is refreshing! A space where genuine interaction is the foundation for infinite human potential. Be ready to feel seen and heard with All Places and know whatever goals you are working towards, All Places is there to support your efforts.

— Elyce Talavera, Founder/CEO, The Body Portal

I met Jessie at just the right time in my business. She helped guide, support and prepare me for the first round of funding, which gave me the confidence and expertise I needed to take us to the next level. Bonus, her network of other female founders!

— Emily Heintz, Founder/CEO, Sèchey

All Places has provided excellent support to me as we negotiated a deal with a large corporation that is critical to our business.

— Mya Papolu, Founder/CEO, Brandbass

We have been clients on many transactions and highly recommend the firm for its professionalism, collaboration and attention to detail.

— Maggie Arvedlund, Managing Partner, Turning Rock Partners

Jessie has been the perfect partner for me in building my company. As a first time founder, I had many anxieties and worries that Jessie was able to easily quell. She is equal parts reliable, whip-smart, and kind.

— Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, Founder/CEO, Lushious

All Places is much more than a legal partner. Jessie truly cares about our firm, and our success. She is a part of the Supply Change Capital team, and we are all the better for it!

— Noramay Cadena + Shayna Harris, Managing Partners, Supply Change Capital

I’ve worked with Jessie for over a decade; not only is she incredibly smart and thoughtful in her approach, but she makes my life easier in areas that don’t seem to enter the picture for other advisors.

— Maggie Drozd, General Counsel, Apex Tool Group

Jessie and All Places were one of the earliest champions of my startup. That support and guidance early on dramatically changed the course of my business, and my confidence, for the better.

— Roxana Saidi, Founder/CEO, Táche

Jessie is a superb lawyer, a great sounding board to run new ideas and concepts by, the voice of reason in a complicated business situation, and above all a great friend and cheerleader for our women-owned business.

— Maria Jelescu Dreyfus, Managing Partner, Ardinall

Jessie is the legal partner we have been looking for. She is upfront, listens to our needs and thinks ahead. She takes the stress out of our legal needs!

— Belinda Lau, Founder/CEO, Elims

Jessie has been a balanced and pragmatic source of guidance, combining enthusiastic support with thoughtful inquiry, and always, always available when I need help.

— Spring Hollis, Founder/CEO, Star Strong Capital

We've worked with Big Law firms. All Places' understanding of and commitment to our business makes a huge difference. Jessie and her team provide rapid, meticulous, and thoughtful guidance and feedback on issues potentially impacting our SaaS business as well as on client agreements and the like, and they understand how to structure the relationship to grow with a start-up.

— Rebecca Hellerstein, Founder, Dotdat

With an All Places partnership, all legal matters are taken care of correctly and timely. What's equally valuable is everything else Jessie brings to the table. Our most trusted sounding board, advisor, and advocate, Jessie has been a partner of immeasurable value.

— Becca Mapes, Founder, Winden

We are very happy working with Jessie and the All Places team. Jessie is a thoughtful, efficient attorney who manages expectations well and strives to provide value with every interaction. She is also passionate about creating a supportive environment for female entrepreneurs. We are grateful for this amazing resource!

— Susan Wisialko, Managing Partner, Global Infrastructure Finance

Jessie invests in the long term relationship by providing counsel that is timed and matures with the long term strategy. I feel confident trusting her with my business.

— Jenna Massey, Founder/CEO, Physik

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