Look + Listen: Summer 2021

Do you ever have those days when your brain just refuses to wake up? When that happens around here music is always our go to. So we wanted to share with you the playlist that is shaking off the cobwebs, along with our favorite books and streaming for the end of summer. You know, for all that "free time" you have. 


Like long walks around the neighborhood, music (almost) always makes life feel a little better, a little easier, and little more full of, well, life. For those (all too common) days when your brain feels like an early morning in San Francisco, check out our summer playlist for a little pick me up. Check it out on Spotify here.


I've always considered myself an average reader, perhaps because I grew up surrounded by readaholics (there must be a better word for that, which my sister probably knows). But I'll be honest, I've had a really, really hard time making time to read since launching All Places. With that limitation in mind, here are three things that have still managed to hold my attention recently.

The Lost Art of Connecting by Susan McPherson: Not only is it beautifully written and smart, but it's almost like a warm blanket reading about genuine connection, that thing we remember and long for daily.

Deep Work by Cal Newport: A great reminder that it is possible to engage in uninterrupted hard thinking. The suggestions are straightforward, but from my experience, effective.

Breath by James Nestor: This book reads as if breath were the key to life--not just being alive, but to living a long and healthy life. If Nestor is to be believed, this subject has been shockingly disregarded by the medical profession . . . kind of like women's health.


This category has been all about comfort for me. I find myself going back and rewatching some of my all-time favorites like The Good Wife and Scandal (maybe because they're about women running their own law and strategy firms . . . yep, obvious) along with some new guilty pleasures that also have some real artistic value IMHO, like Ginny & Georgia and Hacks

Happy viewing, watching, and listening!

Anything you're loving right now? Please share! Send me an email or drop us a DM with details so we can benefit from your brilliance!

--Jessie Gabriel


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