Look + Listen: Spring 2022

We are strong believers in the power of media to elevate (or depress) our moods. These days, we all seem to be looking for things to uplift as a counter to what’s going on around the world and right here in the U.S. Yesterday was a tough one for us New Yorkers. But as always, we carry on. And here is what we’re leaning on as we go.


Listening. Everyone connects to music a little differently. Some of us like to listen to the blues when we’re down, others soothe with pop or really, really angry music. A few artists that are inspiring or soothing us and our community right now: Lizzo (when you need to be reminded how incredibly dope you are); Rhiannon Giddens (when you are working late and night and want to trick yourself into thinking you’re doing something much cooler); Jason Gould (if you’re feeling mellow); Common’s A Beautiful Revolution (Part I) (if you’re in need of a spiritual salve).


Reading. We are a team of heavy readers here at All Places. It was a struggle for each of us to pick just one, but here are some current faves.

Molly’s Pick: Ninth Street Women by Mary Gabriel. The compelling and interconnected stories of five women who revolutionized American modern art, right here in New York City.

Shelly’s Pick: Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown. Definitely not for relaxing, beach reading, but a great non-fiction pick for those looking to get back in touch with those complex human emotions and how they intertwine with our lives and relationships. Introspective reading to be certain.

AP Community Pick/Jessie’s Pick: Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman. This was a rec from Goldune founder, Azora Zoe Paknad, that I ordered immediately. It’s a new type of “time management” book that forces us to evaluate why we're trying to pack so much into our unbelievably limited time.

AP Community Pick: Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. This rec comes from Sachpreet Chandhoke, founder of a stealth new snack company, and is for anyone looking for a potent dose of hopefulness.


Watching. For when you can’t even be bothered to pick up a book, or you’re looking for a totally engrossing way to completely space out for an indefinite period of time.

Shelly’s Pick: The Dropout. Entertaining Hulu miniseries based on the life and story of Elizabeth Holmes as a young entrepreneur and how she grew an empire with venture capital in the billions without a lick of proof her life-saving device could do just that. 

Molly’s Pick: Maid. I'm a few episodes into this Netflix limited series about a young mother who has just fled with her daughter from an abusive relationship. So far it is equal parts terrifying and uplifting, with amazingly complex characters. 

Jessie’s Pick: Killing Eve. This is the third and final season of this show that I absolutely love. The cast is spectacular, the clothes are amazing, but maybe the best thing is that it is such a beautifully unconventional love story. And who wouldn’t fall in love with Sandra Oh or Jodie Comer?


Happy viewing, watching, and listening!

Anything you're loving right now? Please share! Send me an email or drop us a DM with details so we can benefit from your brilliance!

-- Jessie Gabriel

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